Client Experiences

These are the experiences of some of our clients who have completed multiple sessions with us.

“I had such a wonderful experience with your Project and really encourage others to try it. I found it very relaxing and self-nurturing. I always looked forward to my  appointments, and even when I was feeling bad from my treatment, just the thought of an upcoming session really got me through some rough days.

From a physical standpoint, the healings were very beneficial to me. I had been having problems with pain and swelling in my legs due to blood clots. This was always something I discussed with my healer before the session so that they could address that area in particular. Without fail, my legs always felt better (less pain) and were less swollen not only at the end of the session, but for days afterward.

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, for me these sessions were a way to offer comfort and support to myself and to show respect and love for my body during a physically difficult time. At the time of my diagnosis, I felt that my body had somehow betrayed me. Working with the Kansas City Healing Project enabled me to “forgive” my body, and taught me to nurture it, trust it and respect its own innate ability to heal. I felt like I learned to how to get out of the way and let my body do its own miraculous work. Each session put me into a very deep state of relaxation. However, it was very energizing at the same time. It was, for me, a time to make peace with both my illness and my body.

It was so uplifting and positive to meet a variety of healers who seemed genuinely concerned about my health and well-being. The work done by the Kansas City Healing Project was really a God-send for me. I know that it helped me to more successfully manage my treatment. I would encourage anyone going through a trying physical illness to take advantage of the good and generous work being done by the Kansas City Healing Project. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!”  Teresa

“The energy healing treatments I received after my cancer diagnosis were very positive, however subtle and hard to describe. I was very frightened when I was diagnosed; those fears did not seem to affect me as much once I began the energy treatments. I noticed an overall sense of amenity, deeper than relaxation; it was not just a physical sensation.

When I began chemotherapy treatments I was told I might experience many adverse reactions, including hair loss, decreased energy, memory problems, pain, nausea, etc. I did lose my hair and did have neuropathy, which made me uncomfortable for about 3 days after the chemo treatments. After my first chemo treatment I lost my appetite but only for about a week (too bad that didn’t last!) My oncologist and the nurses at the cancer center all remarked that I was very fortunate to have experienced such mild reactions. I have no doubt that the energy treatments I received played a major role in that.

It was quite evident to me that the healing facilitators helped make this experience a positive one. The were sincerely concerned for my well being, were very clear in telling me what I could expect from the treatments and answered any questions I had.

I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity at such a crucial time in my life and will always be grateful for the experience.”  Lucy

“This letter is to acknowledge the Kansas City Cancer Healing Project and the work that they do. I have been having healing sessions once a week for seven months. The sessions are beneficial in managing my side effects from chemo and in changing my thoughts about cancer treatment. I feel I have benefited physically, spiritually and emotionally. I highly recommend the sessions for anyone dealing with cancer or any life threatening illness.”   Patricia